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Give a unique gift to somebody you love (yourself included) PLUS support innovative, unique, diverse and "living" ART(ists).

Every day from the 1st to 24th of December we reveal a new piece of work from an independent artist. Of each of these there is a limited edition of 3 high quality prints on Hahnemühle handmade paper, A3 format (29,7 x 42 cm) and digitally signed by the artist.


Due to the courtesy of the artists, you can get the prints for a special price:

ONLY TODAY for 120 Euros, from tomorrow onwards 180 Euros.

Feel free to give any emotional price on top of it. 


Your purchase is a donation to mq18KUNSTPLATZ/KULTURRAUM e.V., a non-profit organization promoting independent artists by organizing innovative (international) art events/projects focusing on intercultural art exchange.


today’s work of art 


Each work of art on sale during the mq18 ART GIF(t) WEEKS is donated by the artists to mq18 kunstplatz/kunstraum e.V for this event only.


All artists agreed on a limited edition of 3 digital prints of each work. The works are digitally signed by the artists and certified by mq18 kunstplatz/kulturraum e.V.



Buy an art gift and give a donation in 5 steps


1. ) Choose your favourite work of art by the number of the day. If you buy on the day you get the best price: 120 Euros only (afterwards 180 Euros). 


2. ) Fill out the form below with your address details and the Nr. of the piece you want to buy – if your purchase is meant to be a gift, fill in the recipient’s address as well; you may also choose to write a message for the giftee (recipient).


3. ) You’ll get an e-mail from mq18 kunstplatz/kulturraum e.V. informing you if the art work is still available or not. If yes, you’ll get payment information.


4. ) Once you’ve paid YOUR PRICE for the work of art (extra donation included) the giftee (recipient) will immediately get an e-mail from mq18kunstplatz/kulturraum e.V. with a surprise message about the art gift plus your personal comment (if you like).


5. ) ASAP the art work itself will be mailed to the recipient and you will get a contribution receipt from mq18 kunstplatz/kulturraum e.V. declaring your donation.

Thanks for submitting!

Donation account:



IBAN: DE93 7015 0000 1005 3889 45 


If you have any questions, please contact

Massimo Fiorito:  

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0ur partner for fine art prints and in charge for their delivery

Schleißheimer Str.6-10

80333 München

Telefon: 089542133-0


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